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Don Griffing's  Racing Transaxles

   We are a full service Race and street shop. At Racingtransaxels.com we know how to build engines and transmissions for Porsches and Mazda Miata transmissions. We have been in the business of race car preparation since 1982. We also know that well built transmission can bring out the best of two worlds, engines and transmissions that perform at a reasonable cost. We can modify your existing motor or transmission or build a new one, whichever the case, we want to make sure you receive the best optimum performance from your Racingtransaxels.com products.

   Our knowledge and computer program's allow us to provide maximum horsepower and torque when you need it. Finally, when we can't forget about reliability. We make sure that it is checked and rechecked to get the max reliability out of your car!

For Porsche Repair call:
Don: 813-465-0687

For Miata Repair call:
Tim: 863-385-7692

Porsche Transmissions and Gear Rations Changed
Mazda Miata Transmissions Rebuilt and Gear Ratios Changed.  LS DIFF Limited Slip Differentials
Mazda Miatas

Chassis Dynamo

Racing Transaxles - Tampa Porsche Repair specializing in transmission repair and transmission rebuild & Gear Ratios changed for Racetracks. We handle both Porsches and Mazda Miatas. Both racing and street car transaxles repaired. Sitemap 2 3. Experienced auto mechanics in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Porsche repair on 996, 993, 986, 944, 924, 901, 914, 968, 928 gearboxes. Limited Slip Differential LS DIFF. Transmissions, Engines Rebuilds & Repair. RacingTransaxles.com

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